Recent NCGA testimony at congressional and other government-related meetings, comments in response to regulatory proposals, and correspondence to government and other officials.

Letters and Testimony

10/30/2019: EPA Public Hearing – Brian Thalmann


9/27/2019: Letter to President Trump on RFS Waivers


8/29/2019: Letter to President Trump on EPA Refinery Exemptions Lynn Chrisp


7/31/2019: NCGA EPA 2020 RVO Testimony - John Linder


6/25/2019: US House Ag Committee Hearing Soil Health - Dr. Shefali Mehta


5/6/2019: USMCA Letter from US Food and Agriculture Associations and Companies

4/29/2019: NCGA Comments Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OAR-2018-0775 RVP and RIN Market

4/22/2019: USTR Letter- Japan

4/10/2019: NCGA Testifies on Importance of Inland Waterways

4/8/2019: FY 20 Food Aid Funding Letter to House Ag Approps

4/8/2019: FY 20 Food Aid Funding Letter to Sen Ag Approps


03/27/2019: NCGA Farm Bill Implementation - Trade Title Comments


12/14/2018:  Coalition for Uniformity in Food Ingredients  

12/11/2018: Testimony House Energy and Commerce Environment Subcommittee

11/27/2018: Iowa Letter to Rep. Loebsack

11/27/2018: Mississippi Letter to Rep. Thompson

 10/26/2018: NCGA Urges EPA and NHTSA to Recognize Benefits of High-Octane Fuels  

 9/24/2018: Farm Bill Letter to Chairman Roberts, Ranking Member Stabenow, Chairman Conaway and Ranking Member Peterson 

    9/12/2018: RFS E15 Letter to President Trump   

8/15/2018: Agriculture Letter Seasonal Produce   

2/26/2018: President Trump RFS Joint Ag Industry Letter Feb-26


12/14/2017: Letter to Speaker Ryan and Leader Pelosi12/14/2017: 

12/14/2017: Letter to Senators McConnell and Schumer

12/14/2017: Letter to House Appropriations and Ag Appropriations Chairs and Ranking Members

12/14/2017: Letter to Senate Appropriations and Ag Appropriations Chairs and Ranking Members

 12/7/2017: Ag Letter to Amb. Lighthizer on MC 

12/1/2017: Letter to President Trump - Chlorpyrifos

11/17/2017: Comments on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Listening Sessions and Definition of “Waters of the United States”  

10/19/2017: NCGA NODA Comments

10/3/2017: Agriculture Organizations Letter of Support for Dr. Dourson

9/27/2017: Comments Proposed WOTUS Rule - Wesley Spurlock
8/31/2017: Administrator Scott Pruitt - 2018 Volume Standards RFS

8/30/2017: Agriculture Letter Opposing NAFTA Seasonal Regional AD Proposal

8/4/2017: Pres. Trump Rebuild Rural Coalition Letter Infrastructure Council

7/28/2017: Food and Agriculture Dialogue for Trade

7/25/2017: Ag Coalition CFTC Nominations Support Letter

7/24/2017: Neonic Risk Assessment Comments

6/21/2017: Ag Coalition CFTC Ginacarlo Letter

6/30/2017: NCGA Pyrethroids Risk Assessment Comments

6/30/2017: Food Agriculture Dialogue Doud Confirmation

6/29/2017: VP Pence Commodity Organization Meeting Request

6/16/2017: Letter to Appropriations Committees on FSA Loan Programs

6/14/2017: Letter to Appropriations Committees on FSA Loan Programs

4/10/2017: Food Assistance Senate Appropriations Letter

4/5/2017: Food Assistance Hous Appropriations Letter

3/23/2017: Confirmation Questions Innovation

3/20/2017: Ag and Forestry Comments on Draft Recreational Criteria

3/14/2017: ASTA and Bio Extension Cover Letter

3/13/2017: FDA GFI 187 REequest Extension Comment Period

3/9/2017: Final Updated FDA Extension Request

1/23/2017: Pres. Trump North America Food Agriculture Dialogue for Trade

12/5/2016: Coalition Regulatory Accountability Act

11/16/2016: Regulatory Reform White Paper